I LOVE fresh flowers..when completing my studies to become a qualified florist, each week I had to go to the local wholesale flower supplier to pick flowers to make up the required arrangements for class. I would literally walk into the huge warehouse oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous blooms and foliage on offer, finding it hard to make my selection, too much to choose from. A considerable amount of time later, I would finally emerge with my flowers for class, excited about what I would put together in the arrangement.

No matter the zone or venue, be it residential or commercial, flowers will and can completely transform the space and yes you can spend a lot or go and put something together from the garden at no cost at all. In the images above all of these arrangements are from my home, first and third are purchased and the middle photo are lovely daisies from my garden, all look stunning.

On a budget? Cruise your local op shops for something retro in the vase department. Kmart, IKEA, The Reject Shop to name a few, you can’t go wrong for something cost effective that will do the job. Collect a few vases of different sizes from bud vases and bowls to something quite tall. Nothing more disappointing that buying some stunning long stemmed flowers, getting home and not having the right sized vase, forced then to have to cut off half the stems you paid for to make the flowers the right height for the vase.

Another trick, buy some flowers, then beef up the arrangement with some foliage from the garden, mix up your textures to add interest to your arrangement. Just remember, like interior design and styling, your arrangement and the placement of flowers and foliage must be BALANCED, so that from every angle you see a snapshot of all the colours. Draw inspiration from the colours in a room, rug, cushions, artwork, match those colours to your floral arrangement for a cohesive look. I have yellow and purple stained glass windows in a rear room of the house and was able to coincidentally buy tulips recently in the same colours, the arrangement looked great, the windows and the flowers playing off each other.

Remember have fun with it, get creative, fresh flowers are mood lifting and put a smile on your face, the colours and the fragrance…ahhh! Lastly, don’t forget to change the water every few days and whether you get the flowers from the garden or buy them from a store, cut the stem ends on a 45 degree angle, if from the store, cut the tips off the flowers again at an angle as they would have sealed since last cut. Snipping the stem ends on an angle or doing it again for purchased blooms, allows maximum water absorption gaining maximum enjoyment.

Posted by:tina3d

I am a qualified interior designer specialising in both residential and commercial design. I love both the old and the new, to integrate them both in a design for me, gives a nod to the splendour of the past and the innovation of the future in architecture and design..I am also a qualified florist and the introduction of fresh flowers to any decor or event is pleasing to the soul and senses.

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