When typing the title to this blog, I immediately got excited imagining the feeling one gets when finding “the light” to fill a space to perfection. It can be a long drawn out task or if lucky, you find the perfect light straight away and exhale with a “phew” when you do.

As you see in the images above of the lights from my living room, I have once again drawn on the mixing of the old and the new. The light fixtures are original to the house circa 1911 and the bulbs from Bunnings, are the new element, making the pendant lights contemporary and current without blowing the budget. I have two of these pendant lights, one at each end of the living room and 12 foot ceilings, a lot of space to light, but these lights do the job perfectly. Globes used are Brilliant 42W G125 Clear Bayonet Cap Eco Halogen Globes at AUD$9.00 per globe, same globe also comes in a screw top depending on the fittings you are working with.

Three main points to remember when choosing lighting and designing with lighting:

Desirability: for example do I want to light that surface or object?

Practicality: what equipment do I need? Where shall I position it?

Feasibility: will it work visually in practice? Will it break the budget? Will I be able to change the bulb?

Lighting is a potent decorative element in the home. Look for opportunities to apply light in surprising and pleasing ways using eco friendling lighting options that will save on energy costs wherever possible. Lastly, always consult a professional electrician about any areas of uncertainty and get a qualified electrician to fit your new lighting acquisitions, better safe than sorry.

Posted by:tina3d

I am a qualified interior designer specialising in both residential and commercial design. I love both the old and the new, to integrate them both in a design for me, gives a nod to the splendour of the past and the innovation of the future in architecture and design..I am also a qualified florist and the introduction of fresh flowers to any decor or event is pleasing to the soul and senses.

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