Careful planning is needed when assessing your storage requirements and the products that will do the job and match your budget. It takes time to evolve your individual and distinctive style and your home should compliment your way of life and interests. Love the innovative and well priced storage items available through IKEA and Kmart, some of which you can see here. I have the white and bamboo 4 tier shelf shown in the Kmart screenshot above in my own bathroom as storage. My hand basin has a pedestal as a support which allows for no vanity plan B is the shelf from Kmart and it works perfectly and did not blow the budget! The stylish shelving units from IKEA also shown above, have a dual function as a shelf with drawers tucked in underneath, overall a compact unit that gets clutter neatly stacked and sorted.

Before deciding on a furnishing plan, consider how each room relates to the next and how they are individually used. Storage must be part of the initial plans as it may affect the colours, shapes and patterns you use or the types of lighting you select.

Build into your storage plans a degree of flexibility too, a small pile of books can quickly grow into a sizeable library and several pieces of delicate china can easily develop into a large collection. Know yourself and your habits, if you are naturally untidy or disorganised this is not going to change overnight..choose user friendly storage options that will accommodate the way you do things but also serve the intended purpose. For example, chaotically packed shelves can be covered with blinds and a vast wardrobe where clothes are simply hooked or hung rather than carefully folded are good storage solutions that don’t make extra work.

Posted by:tina3d

I am a qualified interior designer specialising in both residential and commercial design. I love both the old and the new, to integrate them both in a design for me, gives a nod to the splendour of the past and the innovation of the future in architecture and design..I am also a qualified florist and the introduction of fresh flowers to any decor or event is pleasing to the soul and senses.

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