Artist: Gemma Donnellan – Melbourne

What you choose to hang on your wall is entirely up to you, there are certain important factors that must be considered when creating your display. It is important that your artwork works with the proportions of your room. Lots of small pictures can make a tiny room seem even more cramped, whereas a few large pictures can work wonders to open up the space. If you wish to hang a few pictures together, you should put the best photos or prints near the middle, that way they will be noticed first.

Another thing to think about is balance, an important design principle no matter what you are working on. If you are hanging artwork over a sofa or dressing table, pick something of approximately the same size. When it comes to spacing, don’t overcrowd the space, this will allow each print, photo or painting to have it’s fifteen minutes of fame.

A successfully executed art display can enhance the flow of a property’s styling and can help to create cohesion between rooms and themes. The artwork displayed in a space can be the key to pulling the whole room together. If not sure about where to start when designing the colour scheme for a room, start with your beloved piece of artwork and pull colours from that artwork to decorate the room for example rugs, sofas, floral arrangements etc.

Keep a consistent theme on your wall, the finished product should create a harmonious effect. When a particular hue or material is repeated in multiple furnishings and pictures the effect is quite atmospheric. Choose your frames carefully as this is part of your picture and should complement existing tones in the room.

Heavy traffic areas such as stairways are great for high-impact art. Follow the diagonal of the stairs and keep the artwork at eye level for maximum effect. Artwork doesn’t always need to be hung on a wall and when renting the rules set by the landlord can forbid it. Create depth and dimension by leaning framed pieces against the wall, or rest them on the mantlepiece, sideboard or shelving.

So many stunning works of art are available today and for a variety of budgets. Choosing artwork is like choosing the perfect perfume, watch, a pair of shoes, or your favourite piece of music. It is a very personal choice and usually is driven by what visually strikes that emotional cord, that is the essence of any living space in our homes..comfort, serenity, security and happiness.

Posted by:tina3d

I am a qualified interior designer specialising in both residential and commercial design. I love both the old and the new, to integrate them both in a design for me, gives a nod to the splendour of the past and the innovation of the future in architecture and design..I am also a qualified florist and the introduction of fresh flowers to any decor or event is pleasing to the soul and senses.

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