With so many style options for decorating your home or office on offer today, be it Scandinavian, Industrial, Hamptons, Minimalist, Contemporary or French Provincial, casual or formal, it can become overwhelming for many. Interior design and decorating is not all about what it looks like, but ultimately how it feels for you and your family, does the end result work in your everyday life. Is it functional, comfortable, is the design child and pet friendly, are your storage requirements catered for?

Firstly, do your research using social media, current interior design and decorating magazines and visit your local home décor stores to pinpoint exactly which style is you! Of course we are all influenced by trends, but ultimately the design theme you choose should be about you and what makes you tick, the look that puts a smile on your face when you arrive home and walk through the front door.

Interior design and decorating is governed by several principles. Balance is a very important principle of design. This principle is defined by the visual distribution or equilibrium of the elements in the room. What this really means is that all elements of design within a room have been carefully placed and positioned so that the size and scale are proportionate, so that the tonal value is varied yet equal, and that the size and volume of a piece of furniture in one corner is balanced with something large and equally bulky in another corner.

Within each room, there should be a focal point, in a living room it could be the fireplace, a piece of art, a stunning light fitting or your dream couch. Other important design principles to take into consideration is unity and harmony, and how your design and decorating selection will translate throughout the home, does it flow? Contrast and variety add visual interest to a room, beautifully textured cushions on a bed or couch, groups of complimentary prints or other artworks on a wall behind the couch or stairwell. Keep rhythm in mind with repeating elements of the same colour, texture, or pattern, and a progression of sizes or colours. Do you have cohesion when putting all of your elements together in the room, remember less can be more in both fashion and interior design and decoration.

Personally, it’s all about balance for me as an Interior Designer and Stylist working within my business Pearl Interior Design, this I feel encapsulates the whole design process. Every element in the room should compliment each other, you will know you have nailed it when you can stand back, survey your work and feel extremely happy with the results.

Tips to Get Started With Your Décor

Decorating Do’s & Don’ts can be fun to browse on the internet to help you avoid common mistakes for each room and get started on the right path with your decorating project. Mood boards are another great tool to get a clear idea of how your design theme will look, there are some great decorating apps available on your mobile phone that allow you to plan your look, place your furniture selections or similar before you spend a cent. E-Design is gathering momentum as a popular medium to obtain online mood board, floorplan, furniture layout, vision board and product list packages from Interior Designers, Decorators and Stylists. If you are time poor, have young children or live in for example regional Victoria and need assistance to decorate a residential or commercial space, this can be a very handy service.

Furnishings are a key part of decorating, but they can also be an investment and a large part of the budget. You need to know which items you should save or splurge on, always assess items of furniture you already have, can a coat of paint and different knobs or handles, give a cupboard a new lease on life? Get your couch reupholstered, if it still has a current shape but the covers are dated. Remember to always have fun, get creative, back your choices and don’t take it all too seriously.

Posted by:tina3d

I am a qualified interior designer specialising in both residential and commercial design. I love both the old and the new, to integrate them both in a design for me, gives a nod to the splendour of the past and the innovation of the future in architecture and design..I am also a qualified florist and the introduction of fresh flowers to any decor or event is pleasing to the soul and senses.

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